Customer Support

Our technically experienced team of IT, project management and field technicians are available for on-site repairs and scheduled services. Our Atlanta-based customer support team is availible 24/7. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

For Service or Technical Questions please call 1-800-500-5566.


Periodic service and repair of system components is extremely important to maintaining the peak performance of your system. Are you concerned about system failures and unbudgeted expenses? We will structure a service program to meet your needs; the convenience of an annual service agreement to eliminate unexpected expenses, or the flexibility of a Time & Materials program.

Additional Services Include:

  • Emergency Service
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • System Certifications and Inspections
  • Additions, moves and changes of equipment
  • Hot Swap of Critical System Components


We honor the manufacturers full warranty and can provide extended warranties to minimize the impact of unexpected systems failures.

Call today to discuss your service requirement, 1-800-500-5566, we provide Nationwide Service.

Strong Systems

We will remotely monitor and diagnose your system, simplifying service, limiting “down-time” and enhancing the life of your system.